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*Updated on 3rd August 2020 *

Did you know that you can also learn brazilian zouk online? As a rule, online learning is not something you should 100% rely on, especially when you’re just starting out. However sometimes learning online is our only option! Online courses might be a good starting point if you’re still working up the courage to go to a class or you don’t have any teachers in your area. For intermediate and advanced levels, the online courses can provide detailed explanations about technique that you can watch again and again (when was the last time you reviewed your basics?). In order to become good in partner dance, you also need to be able to execute all the moves by yourself, online courses are brilliant for working on your solo technique.

For this post I have gathered links to different platforms where you can learn through video and will do my best to keep the article updated. In order to not overwhelm you with choices, I picked courses with teachers I have personally taken classes from and/or I trust that they’re professionals. I have included links to the platforms, as well as prices, names of teachers and topics they’re covering.

Online Zouk Courses

Latin Dance School Online Classes
Topics: partnerwork, solo, styling
Teachers: William & Irene, Natasha Terekhina, Marck & Melissa, Cheryl Wu, etc
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Price: 25 EUR/month

Caroline Haugsted Online Classes
Topics: solo technique, body conditioning
Teacher: Caroline Haugsted
Levels: Open level
Price: from 34 EUR/month

ZoukBabes Brazilian Zouk Online Courses
Topics: technique, styling, choreography for followers
Teacher: Christina Montoya
Levels: All levels
Price: Free or from 60 €

VdanceClub – Zouk
Topics: partnerwork
Teachers: Arthur & Layssa
Levels: Beginners, Improvers/Intermediate
Price: from 147 EUR for lifetime access

Kadu & Larissa Online Courses
Topics: Partnerwork, solo technique, styling, body conditioning, choreography
Teachers: Kadu & Larissa
Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Price: 39.99 USD/month (Gold) or 335.90 USD/year (Platinum)

Freddy & Andressa Online Training
Topics: Partnerwork, solo technique
Teachers: Freddy & Andressa
Levels: Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced
Price: 30 EUR/month

Brazilian Zouk Online Classes
Topics: Partnerwork, styling
Teachers: Carlos & Fernanda
Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Master
Price: starting from 20 EUR/month

Brazilian Zouk Guidance
Topics: Partnerwork
Teachers: Leo & Becky
Levels: Open level
Price: 39 EUR/month
* More info on Facebook

ZenZouk Online Classes
Topics: solo technique (live and pre-recorded)
Teachers: Ry’El & Jessica
Price: from 13 EUR

Youtube Channels

Freddy & Andressa – Movement Fix Fridays
Topics: partnerwork
Teachers: Freddy & Andressa
Levels: all levels

No Leader, No Excuses
Topics: followers’ technique, body conditioning, styling
Teachers: Jane Streeter

UK Dance Connexion
Topics: partnerwork, general zouk talk
Teachers: Pedrinho & Linda
Levels: beginner

For more online courses, online festivals, live classes or shorter courses you can check out this new Facebook group where they’re trying to round up as many sources as possible. Also take a look on Eventbrite for zouk online festivals and events, like Kadu & Larissa’s classes or District Zouk. Multiple artists are offering online private classes, so definitely keep an eye on your favourite artists’ social media channels for more information.

Also don’t forget that to improve as a dancer you want to be both fit and flexible. Take advantage of any general fitness or stretching classes online. I have used Lazy Dancer Tips Youtube channel for at-home workouts for many years now.

The global lockdown that we experienced had a wonderful effect of forcing teachers to move online. When it comes to dance classes, we are usually limited to whatever is offered in our city, but with the new online classes popping up we can now learn from the top artists all over the world without having to pay for travel and I am here for it!!

See you in my next blog post 🙂

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