Jette Feigenbaum is a dancer and choreographer from Estonia. After dipping her toes into different dance styles from ballet to folk and reggaeton, she discovered social dancing and fell in love. She enjoys Latin-American social dances such as zouk and samba de gafieira, bachata, salsa and also kizomba. 

She has been learning and dancing brazilian zouk since 2016 and regularly visiting international brazilian zouk congresses all over Europe. She has participated in Dutch Zouk Teachers Course and Freddy & Andressa’s Zouk Immersion course, later learning even more from Freddy & Andressa by visiting them for regular classes in Helsinki. For the fall season of 2020 she was invited to be an in-house dance instructor at Latin Passion studio, where she gave brazilian zouk ladies styling classes and also teaching bachata partnerwork. 

She loves creating ladies styling choreographies and is now focusing on filming dance videos for social media. When she is not dancing she is writing for her dance blog or keeping her body and mind healthy by stretching, working out, making plant-based meals or walking in the nature.

She is available for collaborations, private classes and more, both in person and online. Drop her a line if you’re interested!