Dancing is my favourite form of physical activity and ever since starting dancing at the age of 8 I’ve tried many-many different styles, everything from ballet and folk dance to reggaeton and heels. In 2016 I discovered social dancing and fell in love – the feeling of community and immediately having friends to dance with all over the world have kept me hooked ever since. First I joined salsa classes, which was then followed by learning kizomba, brazilian zouk, bachata, forró and samba de gafieira. Besides continuing to learn dance and improve my skills, I now also create ladies styling choreographies which you can check out on Youtube.

Brazilian Zouk

4 years of experience, including:

– 4-day Dutch Zouk Teachers Course 2017 (Breda, Netherlands)
– 5-day Zouk Immersion Course by Freddy & Andressa 2017 (Helsinki, Finland)
– Regular zouk partnerwork classes from Freddy & Andressa from January to March 2020
– 8 international festivals learning from the world’s most famous Brazilian zouk professionals
– private classes, countless workshops and parties since 2016

Currently taking online solo zouk technique classes from Caroline Haugsted.


In bachata I have social dancing experience since 2016 including

– 2 years of bachata ladies styling classes with international teachers Asya Sonina and Carolin Taling
– Workshop weekend and a private class with Leo & Jomante in December 2019
– classes from international artists at Tallinn Bachata Festival 2020
– performing with a ladies styling choreography at Tallinn Bachata Festival 2020 and Grupo Esencia bachata choreography in July 2020
– bachata partnerwork classes in Tenerife, Spain

Currently learning bachata online from Demetrio Rosario & Nicole Thompson.

Samba de Gafieira

I first got introduced to samba de gafieira in 2017 and ever since have had

– Regular samba de gafieira classes in Helsinki Dance Central from January to March 2020
– 3 weeks of samba de gafieira classes in Lisbon, Portugal, November 2018
– 6h Samba de gafieira workshops from international artists in 2017 Brno, Czechia
– Private classes from brazilian dance professionals

I am available for private classes or workshops in zouk, drop me a line if you’re interested 🙂