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Where to Learn Social Dance in Estonia (2021/2022)

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September is right around the corner and that is when most Estonian dance schools and studios start their new season. If you would like to try out Latin American social dances, I have put together a list of Estonian dance studios where you can take classes of bachata, salsa, zouk, tango and others.

Starting social dance changed my life for the better in so many ways. I hope this article helps you find a studio that is your vibe and teachers that you like!


Most of the social dance schools are located in Tallinn, the capital, and there are many to choose from. I have listed the most well-known bigger studios where I have personally taken classes from or know people that teach.

Bachata Studio Tallinn

A shiny new studio that opened in 2020 and focuses heavily on bachata.

Styles: bachata (sensual, teens, ladies styling), salsa

Location: Kopli 25 (Põhja-Tallinn)


Casa de Baile

One of the oldest studios that is still active and popular now.

Styles: bachata (moderna, sensual, choreography), kizomba, salsa (LA, cuban, rueda de casino, ladies styling), urban kiz

Location: Pärnu mnt 19 (Kesklinn)


Euphoria Studio

Another older studio where next to the more popular styles you can also learn tango and zouk.

Styles: Argentinian tango, bachata, brazilian zouk (partnerwork, choreography), salsa (cuban)

Location: Niine 11 (Kalamaja)



This studio opened in 2019 and is focused on cuban styles and urban kiz.

Styles: salsa (cuban, rueda de casino, rueda show), urban kiz

Location: Veerenni 29/1-5 (Kesklinn)


Tallinn Salsa Academy

Salsa Academy grew out of FDS Studio and is now focusing on different forms of salsa.

Styles: bachata (moderna, ladies styling), salsa (LA, evolution, ladies styling)

Location: Narva mnt 59 (Kesklinn)



Latin Passion

A long-running studio for dancers in South-Estonia, offering a variety of dance styles.

Styles: bachata (moderna, ladies styling), brazilian zouk, kizomba, salsa (LA, rueda de casino, cuban, ladies styling),

Location: Küütri 6 (Kesklinn)



Narva Salsa

There is a small community of dancers also in Narva, you can get information about classes and parties from their Facebook Group.

I have seen temporary courses being available in other smaller towns as well, but there is no community of dancers there yet.

Many schools post their announcements of upcoming courses and workshops to this Facebook group, so go ahead and join it for more links. If you already know how to dance and would simply like to go to the local parties, you can check out my article on where to find upcoming events in Tallinn. Smaller cities have parties organised by the dance schools themselves.

Good luck on your dance journey and hope to see you on the dancefloor soon!


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