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My Unpopular Opinions About Social Dance – Part 2

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A few years ago I shared some of my unpopular opinions about dance and now I have gathered some more social dance related thoughts for you here! I will be sharing a mix of opinions and pet peeves, so don’t take this article too seriously – it’s just for fun 🙂 Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree!

1. Snacks at Socials

I do not agree with social dance parties offering snacks for dancers. Are you actively trying to make everyone have bad breath and greasy fingers? I go through all the effort to brush my teeth before the party, wash my hands during the party, always have chewing gum with me and then.. you offer snacks. I may not eat anything but I’ll have to deal with other people who do and that’s not always pleasant.

2. “Sign-language” Leading

One of my pet peeves is when leaders are not leading with their body but with literal sign language. Example of this would be signalling “come towards me” with their hand instead of just leading me forward or showing a turning signal instead of just turning the follower. This feels like a tacky replacement for proper leading. Also, I’m not a dog.

3. Bachata Shadow Position

I like dancing bachata but there are some moves I do not like at all. For example bachata “shadow” position where the leader goes behind the follower and does a couple of moves from that position. I, as a follower, can’t see him very well and often don’t understand what he’s trying to lead. In order to get more information from my partner I’d have to lean against him but what if I don’t want to dance that close to someone I don’t know? It’s all so stressful!

4. Mismatch in Hip-Hop Fusion Artist Couples

I have seen it multiple times where there is a famous social dance couple and they dance hip-hop fusion, but the woman in the couple is not as much into urban/hiphop as the guy. Therefore in the demos the woman ends up looking awkward and out of place. I feel like hip-hop fusion can only be successfully pulled off when you’re fully committed – the outfit, the facial expressions and the vibe all need to match. I wish these women would stay true to who they are and not go along with something they don’t really like.

These are all the spicy opinions I have for you now. If you liked this article, feel free to check out part one where I share more of my unpopular opinions. Let me know if you agree with any of my views or if you feel the exact opposite.

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