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Dance Coaching

I assist intermediate level social dancers in advancing their dance skills by helping to fill the gaps in individual technique.

Are you an intermediate level zouk or bachata dancer who is serious about leveling up their dance skills and technique? Did you know that simply taking social dance partnerwork classes is not enough to go from intemediate to advanced level? 

In order to advance in social dance you need to also work on your styling, posture, balance, strength, mobility, confidence and more – everything that social dance teachers don’t have time to go into detail in regular classes. These are a part of your individual dance technique and you should work on them without a partner.

If you don’t work on these skills, you could be taking zouk or bachata classes and workshops for years, but wouldn’t improve past intermediate level. If you feel like your progress has been stuck and you don’t want to waste any more time, then you might be interested in the following. 

About Me

I started social dancing in spring of 2016. Most of these 6 years I have focused dancing and learning brazilian zouk but also have practiced bachata, salsa, kizomba and more. I have years of ladies styling experience in bachata, salsa and kizomba. In addition to social dance I have practiced many solo dance styles like ballet, reggaeton, hip-hop, jazz, heels and more. (Check my About page)

I have gone

Being a typical beginner social dancerBeing invited to teach zouk and bachata at multiple dance studios and events
Cringing at my dance videosBeing proud to show them off on social media
Not knowing what to do with my arms during dancingTeaching ladies styling to other followers
Having a typical office worker postureAchieving my dream upright posture and a fit dancer’s body I never thought was possible for me
Feeling shy and awkward when dancingFeeling confident when dancing and not afraid to move in a more feminine way
Being stiff and inflexibleMoving my hips freely and doing body isolations with ease

And I can help you do that too!

Terms & Conditions

The instructor will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries or damages resulting from anyone utilizing the information and instructions contained within the dance coaching. The customer acknowledges that any activities are at their own risk and must use their own judgement of their physical capabilities and limitations. Read more.