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My New Dance Training Schedule for Fall 2022

Before resuming to write about more informative stuff, I’m going to share a personal update. I took a break from dance classes and socials at the end of summer and returned to classes at the start of October. This time, I chose different classes, which is why I thought I would share what they are and why I made that decision.

I used to dream of a dance studio in my city where adults would find all the necessary classes to become well-rounded dancers. Where in the schedule, dance classes would be mixed with dance technique, classical dance, strengthening and stretching classes, taught by professionals. These types of studios do exist in my city, but mostly for school kids or teens, and their goal is to compete or perform.

To my delight, a new dance studio opened in fall of 2022 that is offering what I am looking for, and they also welcome adults! (No, this is not an advertisement, I’m just genuinely happy about it!)

My weekly schedule now includes a conditioning class designed specifically for dancers to increase strength and mobility, as well as a show dance class where we learn choreographies and practice general dance technique.

These are solo classes and not related to social dancing or partner dance, but I honestly don’t mind, since social dancing doesn’t go as in-depth into dance training as I would like. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that on the scale of social dancer to performer I am more on performance side. This means that I want to spend time perfecting technique and expect to get thorough training. (You can find out where you fall on the scale by reading my article about this topic!)

Additionally, I would like to add to my schedule another choreography-based solo class (a different style) and keep doing deep stretching at home. And let’s not forget dancing in the living room to my favorite music and learning an occasional TikTok choreo : )

I’m happy for this new direction in my dance training, where I can enhance my skills under the direction of professional instructors and train my body to be even more capable. I am looking forward to what new adventures it may bring!

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