Where Can I Social Dance in Tallinn?

Finding social dance parties is something that local dancers don’t even think about but beginners entering the scene for the first time and visitors from abroad struggle with. Therefore I decided to put together a blog post to help you find the best Latin American social dance parties in Tallinn. I’ve been in the dance community since 2016 and the information about parties has almost always been on Facebook – pretty much every social will have a Facebook event. I’ll start with a short paragraph about different dance styles and then give a list of of links to dance studio pages and Facebook groups to check for upcoming parties. 

Brazilian Zouk

The local zouk scene is still tiny, however Euphoria dance studio does organise Zouk Jam’s from time to time. They are practice parties, meaning they are held in the studio and you can go there to practice whatever moves you have learned in class. Sometimes they have people coming from other nearby cities as well. Bigger parties have usually happened during workshop weekends when lots of people are in town to take classes. (If you have never seen zouk before, I have put together a YouTube playlist of best zouk demos, it’s one my favourite dance styles!)


Euphoria Studio has a very active bachata scene and they also arrange parties. Keep an eye on their events on Facebook. Casa de Baile studio is organising Blue Bachata Mondays every week in their studio, as well as bigger parties from time to time. They also play bachata at their summer outdoor parties. There is occasionally a Beach Bachata social when the weather is nice, which will be announced in a dedicated Facebook group. A recent newcomer Tropical Mood Dance Company has organised some outdoor bachata socials as well. 


Cubanita Live Cafe is the legendary place where weekly salsa parties have taken place for many years. Organiser is typically Casa de Baile studio. In summer Casa de Baile also tries to arrange outdoor salsa parties, these usually have a super nice vibe and they play music for other styles as well. Havanamoderna studio has organised bigger monthly parties and I think they play quite a lot of salsa there, since they teach salsa cubana. 


Check out the Urban Kiz Estonia group for urban kiz and Kizomba Parties in Estonia page for kizomba socials. There used to be a kizomba weekly party every Thursday in Cubanita, hopefully it will pick up again after the break. Havanamoderna studio now gives urban kiz classes and they also arrange parties from time to time, so that’s a studio to keep an eye on. In summer the kizomba community arranges socials on the beach as well. 

Parties for Multiple Styles

At bigger parties you can dance multiple styles – salsa, bachata, kizomba and their sub-styles. They might even play an occasional zoukable kizomba song so that zouk people can have a few dances, given they recognise other zoukers and invite them. The music styles played will often be in the description of the event. They are organised by dance studios – see the links below. Casa de Baile has also organised beginner-friendly practice parties in their studio every week.

Argentinian Tango

I don’t dance tango myself but this scene seems to be pretty active. I definitely know that Euphoria has tango classes and has arranged milongas, but for more information check Tango Argentino @ Estonia group.

From what I know there are no forró or samba de gafieira parties at the moment, not even official classes for it. Fingers crossed these wonderful Brazilian dance styles will get more popular in Tallinn soon! 

The dance scene is constantly changing and I will do my best to keep this article updated. If it’s not, you’re welcome to reach out to me on my social media to ask anything about the dance scene in Tallinn. Again, all the information about parties will most likely be on Facebook, so definitely look there.

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