Jette + Dance

Welcome to my dance blog! I am a dancer and dance teacher, currently focusing on brazilian zouk and bachata. I have been social dancing since 2016, but also have other dance experience before that. The name Jettence comes simply from adding together my first name “Jette” and “dance”.

Check out the blog section for dance talk, find out where I give classes or see my ladies styling choreographies on Youtube.

Latest Blog Posts

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Today I wanted to share a bit of inspiration and show you some of the dancers I admire. I draw inspiration from a lot of different styles, within the social dance world and also outside of that, so th…

Digital Marketing Tips for Dance Studios

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What is Brazilian Zouk and Why I Like It So Much

Brazilian zouk is a dance I fell in love with from the very first day. Four years later it’s still my favorite dance style. Since it’s not that well-known here compared to salsa or bachata and peo…